"Toby and the Stout Gentleman"/

"Toby the Tram Engine"

Director(s) Matt Cooper
Producer(s) Matt Cooper
Writer(s) Matt Cooper
Narrator Lukester Farrell

Willie Rushton

Previous episode "Henry’s Sneeze"
Air date October 29th 2007
Next episode "Thomas in Trouble"/

"Thomas Breaks the Rules"



Toby and the Stout Gentleman, retitled Toby the Tram Engine in American releases, is a first season episode.


Toby the tram engine and his coach Henrietta have a hard life on their tramway. Things brighten when a stout gentleman and his family visit, but they can only stay for so long and several months after they leave, Toby's tramway finally closes down. Toby's future looks grim, but then he gets a letter from the stout gentleman . . .

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