"Thomas in Trouble"

/"Thomas Breaks the Rules"

Director(s) Matt Cooper
Producer(s) Matt Cooper
Writer(s) Matt Cooper
Narrator Lukester Farrell

Willie Rushton

Previous episode "Toby and the Stout Gentleman"

/"Toby the Tram Engine"

Air date November 2nd 2007
Next episode "Dirty Objects"/

"James in a Mess"



Thomas in Trouble, retitled Thomas Breaks the Rules in American releases, is a first season episode.


Thomas gets into trouble with a policeman at a crossing for not having sideplates and a cowcatcher. The Fat Controller tries to argue the situation but nothing comes of it and he is out of ideas. Luckily, Thomas makes him remember Toby the tram engine, whom the Fat Controller acquires to run the quarry line. Thomas is initially jealous, but becomes friends with Toby after the tram scares the policeman.

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