"Dirty Objects"/"James in a Mess"
Director(s) Matt Cooper
Producer(s) Matt Cooper
Writer(s) Matt Cooper
Narrator Lukester Farrell

Willie Rushton

Previous episode "Thomas in Trouble"/

"Thomas Breaks the Rules"

Air date November 5th 2007
Next episode "Mrs. Kyndley's Christmas"


Dirty Objects, retitled James in a Mess in American releases, is the twenty-third episode of the first season.


James teases Toby for his shabby paintwork, but when Toby cheekily reminds him of the bootlace incident James is furious and vows to pay him out. Unfortunately, he concentrates so much on the matter that he allows his trucks to push him down Gordon's Hill and into some tar wagons. Toby and Percy clean up the mess, and as a reward Toby and Henrietta are given a new coat of paint, while James is left in disgrace.

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